Precision Railway Transportation


Lanyi Rail Solutions Ltd. is a railway consulting firm which supports Freight Rail and Transit Rail transportation related developments, including Rail Yards and Terminals, through the provision of senior railway engineering, value-added planning, design, and advisory services.

Through the application of Precision Railroading principles, our services are focused on the provision of predictable and reliable rail service. They are based on current and developing technologies focused on improved safety, higher efficiency, optimized capital and operating costs, and overall added value to our client’s clients. We provide a global perspective to the provision of railway transportation planning and design services based on, first fine tuning the operations, then the engineering.

We are results oriented with a strong appreciation for timely project initiation and phased development utilizing successful project execution strategies, while managing project development costs. We are committed to minimizing environmental footprints, carbon reduction, and collaborations with Railway agencies, Regulators and local Government agencies, First Nations, and other relevant stakeholders.

Our Mission  Lanyi Rail Solutions


To promote safe, innovative, efficient, economical, and sustainable growth in the Freight Rail and Transit Rail Sectors through the provision of precision-based railroading principles and value-added project planning and development advisory services.


Rail sector Freight -  Lanyi Rail Solutions
Rail sector Yards & Terminals
Rail sector Passenger - Lanyi Rail Solutions

Freight Rail

• Class 1 Railways
• Shortline Railways
• Government Transportation Agencies

Rail Yards & Terminals

  • Industry and Mining
  • Ports
  • Transloaders
  • Railcar Maintenance/Storage

Passenger Rail

  • Inter-City Passenger Rail
  • Commuter Rail
  • Light Rail


Railroad Experience
  • Hands-on operations & design experience
  • Lessons learned from numerous past projects – what works, what doesn’t
  • Value creation
  • Improved Safety
  • Higher efficiency (faster turnaround)
  • Improved asset utilization (fewer assets required)
  • Lower cost (capital and operating)
Getting Operations Right
  • Avoid solutions that don’t work
  • Consistent, predictable, and reliable operations
  • Overall supply chain stability – balanced operations
Railroad Relations
  • Trust – past experiences
  • Collaboration – win-win scenarios
  • Minimizing Railway efforts
  • Knowledge of Railways standards and practices
  • Minimizing approval timelines
Integrated design
  • Synergy creation through integrated, and synchronized processes
  • Rail/facility integrated design
  • Integration with Precision Railroading
  • Proven methodology for delivering rail projects
  • Planning for phased/future expansion


Rail Operations Lanyi Rail Solutions


Lanyi Rail Solutions focuses on optimizing project rail operations, in accordance with precision railroading principles and in harmony with Railway Service providers operations, with the objective of optimizing infrastructure and asset requirements, as well as, capital and operating costs.

Rail Engineering - Lanyi Rail Solutions


Whether it relates to Railway Corridors or Yards and Terminals, Lanyi Rail Solutions utilizes proven phased project execution strategies, based on precision railroading principles, focused on delivering safe, efficient, economical solutions, as well as, early projects starts and timely delivery.