Precision Railway Transportation

Rail Sectors

Rail sector Freight - Lanyi Rail Solutions
Rail sector Yards & Terminals
Rail sector Passenger - Lanyi Rail Solutions

Freight Rail

• Class 1 Railways
• Shortline Railways
• Government Transportation Agencies

Rail Yards & Terminals

  • Industry and Mining
  • Ports
  • Transloaders
  • Railcar Maintenance/Storage

Passenger Rail

  • Inter-City Passenger Rail
  • Commuter Rail
  • Light Rail


Through the application of Precision Railroading principles, our services are focused on the provision of predictable and reliable rail service. They are based on current and developing technologies focused on improved safety, higher efficiency, optimized capital and operating costs, and overall added value to our client’s clients. We provide a global perspective to the provision of railway transportation planning and design services based on, first fine tuning the operations, then the engineering.


Rail Route Studies

Rail network operations assessments
Track alignments
Bridge, culvert, tunnel, shed planning
Siding location planning
Natural hazard assessments
Rail route option analysis
Rail equipment and fleet sizing


Project Economics

Economic feasibility assessments
CAPEX estimates
OPEX estimates
Life Cycle Cost analyses
Cost/Benefit analyses
Cashflow estimates



Project Execution Plans
Regulatory Framework planning
Engineering planning
Construction and commissioning planning


Passenger Rail Engineering Planning

Rail infrastructure and corridor planning
Track alignment designs
Property acquisition assessments
At-Grade crossing assessments
Grade separation assessments
Utilities planning and assessments


Railway Grade Separations

Overpass / Underpass options analysis
Railway bridge option analysis
Track detour planning
Constructability reviews
Construction staging plans


Advisory Services

Liaison with Rail Service providers
Risk Assessments
Value Engineering
Procurement strategy analysis
Consultation strategies


Industrial activities and railway operations are an integrated fluid process. Rail Yard operations is all about keeping things moving safely, efficiently, and cost effectively. Production, whether in the plant or the Rail Yard, needs to be predictable and reliable. Rail Yard planning begins with plant/facility and Rail Yard operations, Rail Yard design follows these operational requirements, along with site constraints, while optimizing capital and operating costs.


Rail Operations Planning

Production assessments – storage, materials handling
Rail Production estimates – car type, train service type
Fleet sizing estimates
Transit time estimates
Origin /  destination rail service assessments


Terminal Operations Planning

Rail operations plans – railway approvals
Railcar loading / unloading cycle estimates
Railcar movers – switchers, indexers, TrackMobiles
Custody transfer equipment – weigh scales, car readers
Operating cost estimates


Terminal Engineering Planning

Track capacity assessments – ladder & loop tracks
Rail yard layouts – initial & expansion
Connections to Rail Service providers
Traffic impact assessments
Compliance with Rail Service provide standards
Grading, drainage, stormwater management
Utilities planning and assessments
Capital cost estimates
Rail services, maintenance, and repair facilities


Terminal Safety and Efficiency Studies

Custody transfer systems – railcars / trucks
Materials handling systems – railcars / trucks
Railcar moving processes
Automated systems / Systems integration
Terminal operations capacity analysis